Frase 2.0 Review – Is it worth it? (June 2024)

Frase Review

I've been diving deep into this tool called Frase 2.0, and honestly, it's like finding a treasure chest for anyone involved in content creation and SEO.

Imagine having an AI SEO content tool that not only helps you craft original content but also ensures your piece of content shines in the top-ranking search results.

In this Frase review, i'll reveal how I'm using this tool and why it’s a game-changer, but here's a quick recap of why I love it:

  • Research Made Easy: Picture Google Docs on steroids. You can pull in monthly search volume, spot topic gaps, and even see what your competitors are missing. It’s like having x-ray vision for content planning.
  • AI-Powered Writing: The built-in AI writer is like having a co-writer by your side, helping you whip up everything from a complete draft to a content outline. And yes, it nails everything from meta descriptions to long-tail keywords.
  • Real-time Feedback: As you type away, Frase keeps you on track with a real-time content optimization score, ensuring your SEO content is up to snuff with current standards.
  • Collaboration & Ease-of-Use: With options for unlimited access and more than one user seat, it’s perfect for marketing teams looking to streamline their content production process. Plus, the document editor is so user-friendly, it practically holds your hand through the whole process.
  • Keyword Wizardry: It masters keyword optimization, letting you build out keyword clusters and maintain the perfect keyword density without breaking a sweat.
  • In-depth Analytics: Frase doesn’t just help you create content; it helps you monitor your content performance over time, thanks to integrations with powerhouses like Google Search Console.
  • Subscription Flexibility: They offer various subscription plans, including a basic profile for starters and more comprehensive plans for teams needing more firepower. And if you’re just testing the waters, they’ve got a 5-day money-back guarantee.
  • Extras That Make a Difference: From enabling API access for tech-savvy users to offering a “Pro Add-on” that gives more SEO features, Frase is packed with helpful tools.

What is Frase? is a powerful, AI-driven content creation and optimization platform. It's designed to streamline the content creation process for content creators, marketers, and SEO professionals.

Frase offers a suite of tools and features that help you:

  • Research: Find the right target keywords, understand search intent, and analyze competitors' content to identify content gaps.
  • Write: Generate SEO-optimized content with the AI writing assistant, starting from content briefs, outlines, or complete articles.
  • Optimize: Analyze your content score using Frase's real-time optimization feedback as you write and edit.

Overall Frase AI Review

Frase is regarded as one of the best content optimization tools available. It provides content teams with AI-writing assistance, content analysis, competitor research, and streamlined SEO processes.


  • Improved Content Optimization: Get instant content optimization feedback and score your content against competitors in real-time using the built-in content editor.
  • Robust Competitor Analysis: Deeply analyze top-ranking pages to pinpoint content gaps, discover relevant topics, and target search queries your audience uses.
  • In-depth Research: Frase helps you gather relevant topics, competitor analysis, and search data directly within its platform using its keyword research tool. Use its Google Search Console integration to spot your own content opportunities.
  • AI-Powered Writing: Generate content from scratch, outlines, introductions, topic ideas, and more. Build custom templates to speed up the writing process for a wide range of content types.
  • Templates: Access pre-built templates to speed up the creation of blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts, and more.

My Frase Experience

I've integrated Frase into my content strategy and find it a valuable content tool. It aids in generating high-quality content likely to perform well on search engines.

Frase's real-time optimization feedback and research features save time and boost overall content quality.

Signing Up

Visit to explore the different pricing plans or sign up for a free trial.


Frase's flexible pricing plans cater to different needs:

  • Basic Plan: Starts at $44.99/month offering essential creation and optimization tools. Includes a limited number of articles per month.
  • Team Plan: Starts at $114.99/month with added features and collaboration options, including unlimited documents and additional seats.
  • Enterprise: Provides custom pricing for extensive needs and unlimited users.

Using the Frase AI Writing Tool

Frase's AI writing tool offers various ways to streamline your content creation process:

  • Create Content Briefs: Build comprehensive content briefs in minutes using a seed keyword, target keyword, and competitor analysis. These briefs include details like topic clusters, target search queries, and search volume.
  • Write from Scratch: Generate complete articles, paragraphs, or sections based on your instructions. Configure the average word count and experiment with different writing styles.
  • Develop Outlines and Introductions: Get topic ideas, article outlines, blog post introductions, and more. Use the ‘List of Questions' template to generate relevant questions your audience might have.

Frase Templates

The tool has a rich library of pre-built templates to fast-track the creation of various content types.

Frase IO vs Competitors: How Viable Is Frase?

Let's see how Frase stacks up against popular alternatives:

  • Frase IO vs Surfer SEO: Both offer excellent features, but Frase emphasizes research and competitor analysis, while Surfer focuses primarily on on-page optimization.
  • Frase IO vs Jasper AI: Jasper is known for creative short-form content generation, while Frase is stronger in SEO-focused, long-form content, and competitor analysis.
  • Frase IO vs MarketMuse: MarketMuse offers advanced topic cluster analysis and in-depth content scoring. Frase provides a more user-friendly experience with a greater emphasis on AI writing.
  • Content Writing Service Alternatives (real writers) : While AI-powered writing tools are excellent, sometimes you need that human touch. For content that requires nuanced understanding or a specific tone, here are some content writing service alternatives: Upwork: connects you with freelance writers from various specialties. Fiverr: offers a marketplace for diverse writing services at varying budgets. Textbroker: provides managed content creation with customizable quality levels.
  • Favorite Editing Services (for human writers and AI-generated content) Grammarly: Excellent AI-assisted grammar checker that improves clarity, style, and eliminates errors. Provides insightful explanations alongside its suggestions. Hemingway Editor: Readability and sentence structure analyzer, helping you simplify complex content for a broader audience.

Conclusion: Is Frase IO Right For You?

If you're looking to boost content production, efficiency, improve search engine rankings, and gain a competitive edge, Frase IO is an awesome tool worth trying. Here's why it appeals to a wide range of content marketers:

  • Content Strategists: Frase simplifies keyword research, competitor analysis, and helps develop data-driven content strategies,
  • Content Managers: Its collaborative features, content scoring, and the ability to score content against competitors aid in maintaining quality and consistency.
  • SEO Professionals: Frase's research and analysis tools are invaluable for optimizing content for search engines. The SEO add-on brings even more power.

Frase may not be the ideal solution for everyone, but its combination of features makes it a valuable asset in your content marketing toolkit.

Frase isn’t just another content creation tool; it’s a robust platform that marries AI-powered writing with SEO tools to deliver content that not only reads well but also ranks well. Whether you’re drafting an article from scratch, looking for content ideas, or aiming to enhance your online presence, Frase has got you covered.

And let’s not forget the support for external links, internal links, and even browser extensions that make your content relevant and enriched for an exceptional user experience. Plus, with features like the outline builder and various templates (hello, listicle template!), creating structured and engaging content becomes a breeze.

For anyone in the content game – whether you're knee-deep in content development, planning your content strategy, or just looking for tools for content creation that can help elevate your organic search game – Frase is an absolute must-try. It’s essentially your best-of template for creating SEO content that resonates with user intent and boosts your content marketing heuristics.

Bottom line: If you want to produce SEO-optimized content at scale while keeping tabs on competitor content and ensuring your content structure is on point, Frase Content is your go-to platform. It's the choice for content teams looking to make their life easier and their content more powerful.


Let's tackle some of those burning questions people have about Frase:

Does Frase play nice with other SEO tools?

Yes! It has a direct integration with Google Search Console, so you can pull in real search data. While it's not perfect, it gives you a great snapshot of how your content is performing.

Can I use Frase for more than just blog posts?

Absolutely! It works wonders for product descriptions, landing pages, social media copy…pretty much any type of web content you can think of.

Does Frase mean I can fire my copywriter?

Not quite. Think of Frase as a super-smart assistant. It's awesome for research, outlining, and kicking writer's block to the curb, but a  human touch is still best for creativity and making sure your content has a unique voice.

Okay, but how much is this gonna cost me?

Frase has a few pricing tiers. The Basic Plan starts at around $45 per month, and the Team plan is about $115 per month. They also have add-ons like unlimited AI writing, which bumps up the price a bit.

Can I optimize my old articles with Frase?

You bet! Frase lets you import existing content or paste it in directly. It'll then analyze what's working, what's not, and give you suggestions to make it rank higher.

Can I try before I buy?

Definitely! Frase offers a free trial (no credit card needed(, so you can get a feel for the features and see if it fits your workflow before committing.

How does Frase work?

Frase uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to analyze search engine results, understand search intent, and identify the content gaps your competitors may be missing. It then provides an intuitive content editor where you can create content with real-time feedback on optimization based on top-ranking pages. Check out their Product Hunt page for helpful videos and overviews.

What type of content does Frase create?

Frase helps you create several SEO-optimized content types:
Blog posts
Blog content
Article drafts
Product descriptions
Social media posts
Website copy
And more.

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