Tykr Review (July 2024): How this stock screener helped me buy more stocks


Investing can often feel like navigating through a dense fog—uncertainty looms and the fear of making a wrong turn can be paralyzing.

This is where Tykr steps in, slicing through the confusion with a beacon of clarity.

Imagine a world where the stock market's complexity is distilled into actionable insights, allowing you to invest with the sure-footedness of a seasoned pro. Tykr offers just that, promising safe stock picks, clear avoidance of risky options, and a fast track to investment confidence in a mere 14 days or less—without costing you a dime during your free trial.

With over 30,000 US and International stocks and more than 1,800 cryptocurrencies at your fingertips, Tykr is more than just an investment tool—it's an educational powerhouse.

Step-by-step instructions propel you from investment novice to savvy investor, equipping you with the knowledge of what to buy, when to sell, and how to independently manage your portfolio.

For those who crave the freedom to invest on the go, anticipation builds as Tykr readies its Apple and Android applications for an early 2024 release.

Join the legions of happy customers who have already discovered the secret to making better investment decisions with Tykr, and take control of your financial destiny.

Discover the ins and outs of TYKR, an easy-to-use financial tool designed to simplify investment tracking. As a seasoned finance professional, delving into this platform has unveiled its potential to revolutionize personal finance management.

With intuitive features and user-friendly interfaces, TYKR offers a seamless experience for both beginners and seasoned investors alike.

Explore this review to gain valuable insights on how TYKR can streamline your investment journey, enhance decision-making processes, and ultimately empower you to take control of your financial future.

Key Takeaways

  • Tykr provides coverage of over 30,000 US and international stocks, giving investors a wide range of options to choose from.
  • With access to over 1,600 ETFs, Tykr offers diversified investment opportunities for users looking to spread their investments across various sectors.
  • Tykr's extensive cryptocurrency listings with over 1,800 options cater to investors interested in the digital asset space.
  • The platform offers comprehensive investing education with step-by-step instructions, making it a valuable resource for both beginner and experienced investors.
  • Free access and upcoming app availability for Apple and Android in early 2024 make Tykr a convenient and accessible tool for users on the go.
  • To make the most of Tykr's features, utilize the buying guide provided to navigate the platform effectively and make informed investment decisions.

TL;DR Summary

Tykr is an all-encompassing investment platform covering 30,000+ US and international stocks, 1,600 ETFs, and 1,800 cryptocurrencies. It offers step-by-step guidance for investing education to help users gain confidence in under two weeks. You can sign up for free via a web browser or anticipate the Apple and Android app launch in early 2024.

StocksOver 30,000 US and International Stocks
ETFsOver 1,600 ETFs
CryptocurrenciesOver 1,800 cryptocurrencies
Investing EducationStep-by-Step instructions
Free SignupYes (Web browser, Apple, Android)
Mobile App AvailabilityComing in early 2024 (Apple, Android)
Investment Duration14 days or less
Credit Card RequiredNo
Free TrialYes (14 days)
Cancellation PolicyYes (Any time)
Customer SupportSince 2020 helping thousands of investors

Key Features

Tykr offers a vast selection of over 30,000 US and international stocks, providing investors with a wide array of investment opportunities. The platform's comprehensive stock listings make it easy for users to identify safe stocks while steering clear of risky ones. With up-to-date information on various stocks readily available, Tykr ensures that users can make well-informed investment decisions.

Investors looking to diversify their portfolios will appreciate the extensive coverage of over 30,000 US and international stocks on Tykr. Personally, I found it beneficial to have access to such a broad range of options when planning my investments. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out in the market, having this variety allows for tailored investment strategies based on individual preferences and risk tolerance levels.

The ability to easily distinguish between safe and risky stocks is crucial in the world of investing. Tykr's platform simplifies this process by offering comprehensive stock listings that help users navigate through the vast sea of available options. By utilizing these tools effectively, investors can mitigate risks and optimize their portfolios for long-term growth potential.

Making informed decisions is key. With Tykr providing up-to-date information on various stocks, users can stay ahead of market trends and news that may impact their investments. This real-time data accessibility empowers investors to react promptly to changes in the market landscape and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Coverage of Over 30,000 US and International Stocks

Tykr offers access to over 1,600 ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds), providing investors with diverse investment options across different sectors and asset classes. Users can easily explore and analyze various ETFs to build a well-diversified portfolio tailored to their investment goals.

Tykr's extensive ETF listings enable investors to take advantage of the benefits offered by this popular investment vehicle.

Access to Over 1,600 ETFs

Tykr provides users with an extensive range of over 1,600 Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) to choose from. These ETFs offer diversification and exposure to various sectors and industries within the stock market.

Investors can easily access a wide array of ETF options on Tykr's platform. This allows for flexibility in building a well-rounded investment portfolio tailored to individual financial goals and risk tolerance levels.

Tracking the performance of ETF investments is simplified through Tykr's user-friendly interface. Users can monitor price movements, track historical data, and make informed decisions based on real-time information provided by the platform.

With access to over 1,600 ETFs, investors have the opportunity to stay updated on market trends and capitalize on investment opportunities across different asset classes. Whether one is looking for growth-oriented funds or more conservative options, Tykr offers a diverse selection to cater to varying investment preferences.

As an investor myself, having access to such a vast range of ETFs has allowed me to create a well-balanced investment portfolio that aligns with my long-term financial objectives. The ability to track performance metrics conveniently has been instrumental in making informed decisions about my investments.

For beginners seeking simplicity or experienced investors looking for advanced strategies, Tykr's offering of over 1,600 ETFs caters effectively to diverse needs. Whether one prefers passive index-tracking funds or actively managed thematic ETFs, there are options available for every type of investor on the platform.

Extensive Cryptocurrency Listings with Over 1,800 Options

Tykr's step-by-step investing education is a game-changer for those looking to enhance their investment knowledge. By offering essential concepts and strategies, users can make informed decisions confidently.

The platform aims to empower users with the necessary skills required to navigate the financial markets effectively. With Tykr's comprehensive investing education, even beginners can feel equipped to take on the world of investments.

Learning about investing through Tykr is like having a knowledgeable friend guiding you through each decision. It simplifies complex concepts into easy-to-understand lessons, making it accessible for all levels of investors.

Understanding how to invest wisely becomes less daunting with Tykr's user-friendly interface and educational resources. The platform breaks down intricate investment techniques into manageable steps, ensuring that users grasp crucial information effortlessly.

Navigating the cryptocurrency market can be overwhelming without proper guidance. However, Tykr's extensive listings of over 1,800 cryptocurrencies provide users with a diverse range of options to explore and invest in based on their preferences and risk tolerance.

Investors seeking opportunities in the cryptocurrency space will find Tykr's platform invaluable due to its vast array of options available for exploration and potential investment growth.

Comprehensive Investing Education with Step-by-Step Instructions

Users can easily sign up for Tykr through a web browser, and soon, they will have the added convenience of using an Apple or Android app in early 2024. This flexibility ensures that all users, regardless of their device preference, can access Tykr's valuable resources.

The upcoming mobile app from Tykr will offer users the ability to manage their investment portfolio and stay updated on market data while on-the-go. This feature enhances accessibility and allows investors to make informed decisions at any time.

Tykr's step-by-step instructions for investing education are designed to guide users towards becoming confident investors. The platform aims to help individuals identify safe stocks, avoid risky investments, and ultimately build a successful investment portfolio in just 14 days.

Free Access and App Availability for Apple and Android in Early 2024

Tykr offers a buying guide to help users make well-informed investment decisions. The guide provides insights into factors to consider when purchasing stocks, ETFs, or cryptocurrencies.

Users can leverage the buying guide to identify potential investment opportunities and make confident choices.

Buying Guide

Navigating the world of investing can be daunting, but with Tykr's buying guide, it becomes a breeze. Whether you're new to investing or looking to expand your portfolio, Tykr offers step-by-step instructions that make the process easy to understand.

With over 30,000 US and international stocks at your fingertips, Tykr provides a vast selection for investors to choose from. This extensive coverage ensures that you can find opportunities that align with your investment goals and risk tolerance.

In addition to stocks, Tykr also gives you access to over 1,600 ETFs. These diversified investment options allow you to spread your risk across multiple assets while still benefiting from the potential growth of various sectors.

Furthermore, Tykr's comprehensive list of over 1,800 cryptocurrencies opens up new avenues for investors interested in digital assets. Whether you're looking to explore established coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum or discover emerging altcoins, Tykr has you covered.

The step-by-step instructions provided by Tykr offer invaluable guidance for both novice and experienced investors alike. By breaking down complex investment concepts into simple terms, Tykr empowers users to make informed decisions about their portfolios.

Joining Tykr is simple and convenient – whether through a web browser or on the upcoming Apple and Android apps in early 2024. The platform's user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to start their investing journey without any barriers.

Investors seeking a reliable tool that combines education with practical insights will find great value in using Tykr's buying guide. With its diverse range of investment options and educational resources, this platform caters to individuals at all stages of their investing journey.


In summary, Tykr offers a comprehensive investing platform with access to a wide range of stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. The platform not only provides extensive investment options but also offers valuable educational resources for users to make informed decisions. With its user-friendly interface and availability on both Apple and Android devices, Tykr aims to empower investors of all levels to navigate the complex world of investing with confidence.

If you're looking to enhance your investment portfolio and expand your financial knowledge, consider exploring Tykr's offerings. Take advantage of the diverse investment options, educational materials, and user-friendly interface to kickstart or elevate your investing journey. Start making informed investment decisions today with Tykr!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tykr suitable for beginners in investing?

Tykr is perfect for beginners. It offers step-by-step instructions, helping users find safe stocks and avoid risky ones to become confident investors within 14 days. No credit card is needed, and it's free for the first 14 days with the option to cancel anytime.

How can I access Tykr's services?

You can join Tykr for free using a web browser or through the Apple and Android apps (coming early 2024). The platform provides access to over 30,000 US and international stocks, more than 1,600 ETFs, and extensive cryptocurrency listings with over 1,800 options.

Are there any commitments or hidden fees when signing up for Tykr?

There are no commitments or hidden fees when signing up for Tykr. You can enjoy a free trial period of 14 days without providing any credit card information. If you decide not to continue after the trial period ends, you can easily cancel your subscription at any time.

What sets Tykr apart from other investment platforms?

Tykr stands out due to its focus on education and simplicity. With clear instructions tailored towards making informed investment decisions quickly, it aims to empower users regardless of their experience level. The absence of mandatory credit card details during sign-up enhances user trust.

Can I rely on customer reviews before trying out Tykr?

While there are currently no specific numbers provided regarding happy customers or five-star reviews on Tykr's website, they emphasize having helped thousands of investors make better decisions since 2020. While individual experiences may vary, this track record suggests positive outcomes resulting from using their product/services.

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