Teachable Review (June 2024) – Is it worth it for your online courses?

Teachable, a popular online course platform like Kajabi, offers users an intuitive interface to create and sell courses effortlessly. As an experienced educator in the digital space, I have explored Teachable's features extensively.

The Kajabi platform provides robust tools for course creation, marketing, and student engagement. With its user-friendly course builder and customizable options, Teachable empowers instructors to build successful online learning businesses effectively. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into how Teachable, Kajabi, and new course can elevate your online teaching journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Teachable offers a user-friendly platform for creators to build online courses, coaching services, and sell digital downloads without needing to code.
  • Users have control over their content and can provide a seamless learning experience for students through customization options.
  • The free plan on Teachable allows creators to start their online teaching journey with the ability to upgrade for more features as needed.
  • To make the most of Teachable, consider integrating it with other tools and services based on your needs and goals.
  • When choosing a platform for online teaching, prioritize ease of use, customization options, and ownership of content, all of which are strengths of Teachable.
  • Explore Teachable's features and capabilities to determine if it aligns with your teaching objectives and audience preferences.

TL;DR Summary

Teachable is a no-code platform enabling creators to offer courses, coaching, and digital downloads while retaining full content ownership. It empowers users to build profitable businesses with Kajabi and ensures a seamless learning experience for students.

No-code platformYes
Digital downloadsYes
Content ownershipYes
Payment optionsYes
Business building toolsYes
Free plan availabilityYes
Easy setup processYes
Scalability featuresYes
Sales featuresYes
Customer support qualityAward-winning
Integration with favorite toolsYes
Testimonials availabilityYes

Key Features

Teachable offers an easy platform for creators and students to develop online courses effortlessly. With no coding knowledge required, Kajabi provides all the essential tools to create, manage, and sell courses effectively.

The intuitive interface of Teachable makes it easy for students to start and launch their own online course. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the world of online teaching, Teachable's easy-to-use platform caters to all levels of expertise.

Creators can customize their courses with various multimedia elements like videos, quizzes, and downloadable resources. The flexibility in designing course content allows for engaging learning experiences tailored to students' needs.

Teachable equips creators with the ability to track student progress through analytics and insights. This feature enables instructors to understand how students are interacting with the course material and make necessary adjustments for better learning outcomes.

For those looking to monetize their expertise through an online course business, Teachable offers easy course building with seamless payment integration options. This versatility in pricing strategies caters to different business goals and target audiences.

No-code Platform for Creators

Teachable provides creators with a versatile platform to create and sell online courses, offer coaching services, and sell digital downloads like e-books or templates. This flexibility allows creators to monetize their expertise in multiple ways through online course building and teachable platforms, catering to different types of learners.

Creators can easily share their knowledge and get paid for it through Teachable's no-code platform. By offering various options such as courses and digital downloads, creators can build impactful businesses tailored to their unique skills and audience needs.

With Teachable, creators have the freedom to choose how they want to use course building to build their business. Whether it's through online courses that provide structured learning experiences or one-on-one coaching sessions for personalized guidance, Teachable offers the tools needed to create a successful knowledge business.

The free plan available on Teachable allows creators to explore course building features with upgrade options for scaling their business. The platform offers resources for building, growing, and managing a knowledge-based business in three simple steps.

Creators can sell confidently on Teachable with its various features designed to provide peace of mind while running an online business. From award-winning support to customizable integrations with favorite tools, Teachable equips creators with everything they need for success in course building.

Courses, Coaching, and Digital Downloads

Teachable allows you to maintain complete control over your content, ensuring that your intellectual property remains yours. The teachable platform prioritizes creating a seamless student experience with features like progress tracking and discussion forums. You can customize the appearance of your course site to align with your branding and establish a cohesive learning environment.

Having ownership of my content on Teachable gives me peace of mind knowing that I have full control over what I create. The ability to track student progress and facilitate discussions enhances the overall learning experience for both myself as an instructor and my students.

Customizing the look and feel of my teachable course site has allowed me to create a unique online space that reflects my brand identity. This customization feature has been instrumental in providing a consistent teachable learning environment for my students while also establishing credibility as an educator.

Ownership of Content and Student Experience

Teachable offers a free plan to start without any upfront costs. The free teachable plan includes unlimited video hosting and basic quizzes. If you require more advanced features or additional capabilities, affordable upgrade options are available.

Owning your content on Teachable gives you the freedom to share knowledge and earn from it. You can build a successful business by choosing how to structure it according to your preferences. With the free plan as a starting point, you have the flexibility to scale your business with peace of mind.

Free Plan with Upgrade Options

Teachable offers a free plan that can be upgraded for more features. You have the flexibility to customize your teachable course site to match your brand identity.

Personalizing your site is easy with various themes, color options, font choices, and the ability to add your logo. The platform Teachable ensures that you can create a professional-looking online learning environment tailored to your preferences.

In addition to customization, Teachable seamlessly integrates with popular tools such as email marketing software, payment gateways, and analytics platforms. This integration streamlines processes and enhances the overall user experience by connecting all necessary components in one place.

Customizability and Integration

When choosing a platform for your online courses, it's crucial to consider factors like ease of use, customization options, pricing plans, and Teachable. Look for features that align with your specific needs, such as built-in marketing tools or the ability to offer coaching services like teachable.

Customizability is key when creating an online course. Being able to tailor the look and feel of your teachable course to match your brand can enhance the overall student experience. Integration with favorite tools like teachable can streamline processes and make managing your courses more efficient.

Pricing plans play a significant role in decision-making. Some platforms offer flexible pricing options based on the features you need, allowing you to scale up as your business grows. Take advantage of free trials or demos to test out different platforms like Teachable and see which one best suits your requirements.

Buying Guide

When considering a platform like Teachable, it's essential to think about how you can share your knowledge and earn from it. With Teachable, you have the opportunity to build a business that makes a real impact. The ability to choose how you want to structure your business is empowering.

Teachable offers various plans, including a free option with upgrade possibilities. This flexibility allows you to start small and scale up as needed. The tools provided by Teachable are designed not just for creating content but also for growing and managing your knowledge-based business efficiently.

Selling online courses can be daunting, but with Teachable's features, you can do so confidently. From marketing tools to analytics, everything is in place to help you succeed. The support available from Teachable has won awards for its excellence.

Testimonials from successful creators using Teachable showcase the platform's effectiveness in helping people achieve their goals. Whether you're an individual looking to monetize your expertise or a company aiming to provide online training, Teachable offers the resources necessary for success.


In summary, Teachable offers a robust platform for creators to build and sell online courses, coaching services, and digital downloads. With a user-friendly interface, customizable options, and ownership of content, Teachable provides a seamless experience for both instructors and students. The free plan with upgrade options caters to different needs and budgets, while the integration capabilities enhance the overall functionality of the platform. As outlined in the buying guide, Teachable stands out as a top choice for individuals looking to monetize their knowledge and skills effectively.

Ready to take your teachable online teaching to the next level? Explore Teachable's features today and start creating your own successful online course business!

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Teachable stand out as a platform for creators?

Teachable empowers creators by offering a no-code platform to share knowledge and earn money. With customizable features, award-winning support, and tools for business growth, it allows users to build impactful businesses tailored to their vision.

How does Teachable support content ownership and student experience?

Teachable ensures creators own their content and control students' learning journey. Through customizability, various selling features, testimonials from successful users, resources available, and teachable, it enables a seamless experience that fosters trust between educators and learners.

Is there flexibility in pricing plans on Teachable?

Yes, Teachable offers a free plan with options to upgrade based on individual needs. This provides users the freedom to choose the right plan that aligns with their business goals while enjoying essential tools for building, growing, and managing their online courses effectively.

Can I integrate third-party tools with Teachable for enhanced functionality?

Absolutely! Teachable supports integration with favorite tools of choice to enhance customization capabilities. By seamlessly connecting external applications or services with Teachable's platform, users can optimize workflows, improve user experience, and unlock additional functionalities tailored to their specific requirements.

How easy is it to get started on Teachable as a new user?

Getting started on Teachable is simple! With just three easy steps – create an account, set up your course or digital product offerings using intuitive features provided by the platform – you can kickstart your journey towards building a successful online knowledge business.

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