Maekersuite Review (July 2024) – Data Driven AI for YouTube Marketing?

Boost your channel with AI-driven video ideas. Tap into trends, engage viewers, and skyrocket your growth!

If you're on the YouTube grind, you know the drill.

You're putting in the work, crafting videos you believe in, but sometimes the views and subscribers just don't follow.

It can be disheartening when you pour your heart into your channel and it feels like you're not gaining traction.

But here's the thing – what if you had a bit of insider knowledge to help guide you?

I'm talking about a tool that could take a deep dive into your specific interests and bring up video ideas that are actually going to resonate with your audience.

I've come across something pretty stellar, and it's called Maekersuite.

This tool is like having a conversation with your audience, figuring out what they're tuning into right now, and then giving you a list of video ideas that hit right at the center of those interests.

It’s about making smart decisions, backed by real data, to give your channel that growth spurt it needs.

This isn't about chasing views for the sake of views – it's about creating meaningful content that serves your audience, content that they're already searching for.

It's about building that connection and trust, which, as you know, is key to any successful brand.

Let's get your channel not just running, but thriving. With this tool, we can focus on what works, grow our community, and keep providing value, which is what it's all about.

So let's dive right in.

What is Maekersuite?

Maekersuite presents itself as an innovative solution for streamlining video content creation, particularly for those invested in leveraging data to inform their creative process.

The platform's standout feature is its AI-powered ability to analyze trends and generate video ideas based on user-provided keywords.

This has the potential to ensure that content is not only relevant but also resonates with the intended audience.

From an unbiased perspective, Maekersuite could be a valuable tool for a variety of users:

  • Digital marketers might find it useful for crafting campaigns that align with current trends.
  • Social media managers could use it to produce content that engages and grows their follower base.
  • Content creators and influencers may benefit from the AI's suggestions to overcome creative block and remain topical.
  • Advertising agencies could streamline their creative brainstorming process, finding new angles for client work.
  • Brands looking to consistently publish engaging video content might find Maekersuite's data-driven approach integral to their strategy.

Do you have difficulty identifying trends on which topic to focus on?

Most content creators often struggle to pinpoint current trends that resonate with their audience and ideal market, which is crucial for driving engagement and growth, but Maekersuite can help with this process.

Maekersuite can help conduct a thorough analysis of specified keywords to identify and predict current or emerging trends in the user's niche, ensuring that the video ideas are timely and relevant.


  • Trend analysis algorithms
  • Keyword tracking and popularity metrics
  • Real-time data updates on trending topics

Are you concerned with content saturation?

With the vast amount of video content available on YouTube, it's challenging for creators to come up with unique video ideas that stand out.

But with Maekersuite, it can provide suggestions based on data-driven insights, as the software aids content creators in developing original content that is more likely to capture audience interest.

Top features:

  • Unique content suggestion engine
  • Competitive analysis tools
  • Gap identification in current content offerings

Time-consuming research process?

Conducting research to help generate engaging content ideas can be time-consuming and may not always yield valuable results.

Maekersuite is a tool that can help automate the research process, saving users time by quickly generating a list of potential video ideas that are tailored to their audience's preferences and behaviors.

Top features:

  • Automated research tools
  • Quick keyword input and analysis
  • Instant generation of video content ideas based on analyzed data
  • AI written video script to help speed up the process

How to use Maekersuite

Let me show you how to research, analyze competitors, and script out an entire topic from scratch using Maekersuite.

Once I got my login to the platform, I quickly dive right in.

I wanted to see if it's easy to use and if it would provide useful insights and outputs.

This is what you'll first see when you login to the platform:

Maekersuite Dashboard

This is your dashboard where you can find an overview of your projects, explorations and generated ideas.

The first step is to “Research a Topic”.

Just enter your main keyword/topic in the search box or if you want to add multiple topics, just separate them with a comma.

Bubble Chart in Topic Exploration

One of the features that I really love in the Topic Exploration section is that “Bubble Chart”.

The bubble chart gives you a quick overview of which topics are worth creating content for because the opportunities and relevance are high, and which topics you should be avoiding because they are either too competitive, irrelevant, or the content quality is low.

In the image example above, the main topic is “keto diet meal plans” and it showed that “lose belly fat tips” is an irrelevant topic that you should be avoiding if you want to be relevant to the main keyword.

Now let's look at the perfect topic that's high performance and also highly relevant to your main keyword.

Again, in this example, my main keyword is “keto diet meal plans”.

Here's what the bubble chart shows on what topics I should be creating on YouTube, if I want to be super relevant to my main keyword.

It shows that “Keto diet discussions” is super relevant, with a score of 73% (compared to Lose belly fat tips at 40%) relevance.

Now let's switch gears a little bit.

I want to use a topic that I'm really going to create a video from.

My main topic is “Google Tag Manager”.

This is what the bubble chart showed me.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking shows 80% relevance.

That's a video topic that I can quickly create and talk about.

Here's the analysis of Maekersuite about the topic “Google Ads Conversion Tracking 2023”

The videos recommended within the topic are highly relevant even if it has already been published for several years.

So what do you do with this new topic idea?

Simple, create a similar video, but make it better (add content gaps that you've identified to be important that wasn't covered in that video).

But can you leverage Maekersuite to help you create your video script?

Write a Video Script with the help of AI

Now that you know which topic and main keyword to create a video about, it's not time to create that it.

Most professional YouTubers use a video script before they start recording.

This way, you'll have coherence and value on your content that makes it engaging and valuable to your readers.

But creating a video script can be confusing, time-consuming and boring.

Maekersuite can help change that.

FIrst, you need to create a brief. A brief is an outline of what you want the video script to be about.

And with Maekersuite, you can use AI to generate the brief outline, or you can create one for yourself. I would recommend using the AI first, and then modifying it to suite your needs.

And then with the help of AI, you can now create the entire video script based on the previous brief outline you've created.

This script is tailored made for YouTube, but feel free to edit any section to reflect your own brand voice.

Here's an example of what I've been able to create for the topic in this example.

Not bad.

And finally, Maekersuite can also help with your YouTube tags and video description.

It does create those automatically, although I didn't like how they create the description. I would need to improve on the video description when I publish the video that I'll create.

And that's it.

We just went from finding a video topic idea that's highly relevant for your main topic.

Analyze a bunch of competitors and find content gaps.

Write an outline for this video topic using AI.

Have AI write the entire video script for you.

And have the tags and descriptions created as well.

All under 10 minutes.

For me, this is a big changer.

Where did I get Maekersuite?

I got it from an Appsumo deal.

Which means I'll only pay once for this lifetime deal.

Currently as of this writing, it's still available on Appsumo.

And here are the different pricing options if you're interested in checking it out.

Tier 1 license gets you 15 scripts per month and is great if you're only planning to create less than 15 videos per month.

It's a great plan if you want to get your feet wet with Maekersuite.

The higher plans are definitely for those who are cranking out videos faster than most people. But it's a huge time-saver if you have

License Tier 1: Perfect for Individuals or Small Businesses

  • Ideal Buyer: Freelancers, hobbyists, or small business owners who have a limited need for scripts, explorations, and descriptions each month.
  • Usage: Good for occasional projects that require AI assistance without a significant investment.
  • Value Proposition: Provides a taste of the service's capabilities at a low entry cost.

License Tier 2: Suitable for Growing Businesses and Regular Users

  • Ideal Buyer: Small to medium-sized businesses, regular content creators, and professionals who require a more robust quota to support their operations.
  • Usage: Ideal for those who consistently work on multiple projects each month and need a substantial number of scripts and content pieces.
  • Value Proposition: Offers a balance between cost and the volume of content creation capabilities.

License Tier 3: Best for Large Businesses and Heavy Users

  • Ideal Buyer: Large businesses, agencies, or power users who have high demands for scripts and descriptions with no limitations on their monthly usage.
  • Usage: Perfect for those with ongoing, large-scale content needs and who prefer not to worry about hitting limits.
  • Value Proposition: Provides the utmost flexibility and capacity for users with the highest content generation demands.

My conclusion and rating

After researching this software, and using it for several days, I can safely conclude that this software has it's biggest benefits on saving you time doing the research, and even help you write your scripts and outline.

In conclusion, this video research AI tool stands out as a significant time-saver for content creators keen on optimizing their video creation process.

By leveraging the power of data-driven insights, it has notably streamlined my research, enabling me to pinpoint topics that resonate with my audience.

Beyond merely suggesting trends, it has been instrumental in crafting outlines and scripting, thus bolstering my confidence in the content I produce. However, it's important to acknowledge that this tool may not align with every creator's needs.

Its ideal user is someone looking to expedite their YouTube content development and who values guidance on topic selection.

While the tool excels in many areas, there is room for improvement.

The generated descriptions and tags could be more robust, and while it aids in the preliminary stages of content creation, it doesn't extend to the actual video production—a feature that platforms like offer through AI-generated videos.

Despite these limitations, this tool shines for beginners seeking a foothold in video content creation. I encourage interested individuals to explore its potential for themselves.

Who should use AI tools like Maekersuite?

Every beginner who wants to create more videos and content on YouTube should use a tool like Maekersuite.

Does Maekersuite have a user-friendly interface?

Maekersuite's interface is designed for ease of use, allowing users to quickly generate scripts with minimal effort.

Are the competitor insights useful?

Users find the competitor video analysis to be detailed and useful for improving their own content strategies.

Is the lifetime deal worth it?

Based on customer reviews, the lifetime access is considered valuable for its continuous updates and features.

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