InfluencerSoft Review (June 2024) – Is it worth it?


InfluencerSoft is an all-in-one marketing platform designed to help businesses grow and succeed online. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive solution that streamlines the various aspects of your digital marketing campaigns.

One of its key features is the visual funnel builder, which lets you create professional-grade sales funnels, from simple to complex, with ease. You can choose from basic to custom funnel templates, and customize elements on a funnel canvas using the funnel mapping tool. This quick and easy funnel creation process is bolstered by advanced email automation builder that lets you sequence emails and other content. The system also provides email platform and responsive payment options.

InfluencerSoft supports content delivery strategies, as well. You can easily create and offer online courses billable in module levels. You can track student progress property including their course completion rates. Tracking is achievable because InfluencerSoft held lesson modules into previous ones. The funnel provides unlimited opportunities for examining sales pipelines, traffic sources, and affiliate management. The InfluencerSoft Review 2023 highlighted much more, and positioned it as the best Clickfunnels alternative available.

What is InfluencerSoft?

InfluencerSoft is an all-in-one marketing automation platform designed for entrepreneurs and businesses that want to streamline their marketing efforts. From creating sales funnels to managing affiliates, InfluencerSoft offers a range of tools to help businesses grow and succeed. Here's a closer look at what InfluencerSoft has to offer.

Visual Funnel Builder: InfluencerSoft's visual funnel builder allows users to create high-quality sales funnels, from simple to complex, with ease. Choose from basic templates or customize and create your own funnel from scratch. With InfluencerSoft, you can easily map out your funnel using the funnel canvas, and the funnel mapping tool lets you customize every aspect of the funnel.

Email Automation: InfluencerSoft provides an advanced email automation builder that enables users to create email sequences and other content to convert leads into customers. The platform also provides an email platform for sending and receiving emails, and responsive payment options.

Affiliate Management: InfluencerSoft has an affiliate management dashboard that simplifies the process of managing affiliates, from tracking clicks to paying commissions. The payment method provides automatic payments to affiliates, and the platform enables businesses to manage their affiliate programs effectively.

Online Courses: InfluencerSoft enables businesses to create and manage online courses. You can create lesson modules, modules level, and sequences of actions, and sequence them into courses to provide effective training. Also, the e-commerce checkout solution enables users to sell their digital products and manage payment plans.

InfluencerSoft is a single platform that consolidates all the different tools businesses need to market and grow. The custom branding option allows users to design a professional-looking website that's consistent with their brand. The platform also provides split testing feature, which makes it easy to find the best version of your marketing campaigns.

In summary, whether you're a small business or an established enterprise, InfluencerSoft's marketing automation tools can help you streamline your marketing efforts and grow your business faster. Sign up today and discover what InfluencerSoft can do for you!

InfluencerSoft Pros

Looking for an affordable option for your influencer marketing needs? Look no further than InfluencerSoft. With a starting price as low as $49/month, it is a lower cost alternative to other platforms like Klaviyo. InfluencerSoft's powerful tools for influencer management help increase engagement and reach, making it easier to build relationships with your target audience.

One of the advantages of using InfluencerSoft is its easy setup process and multi-channel functionalities. You can easily integrate the platform with your existing systems, and use it across multiple channels to ensure your message is reaching your audience in various ways. Additionally, InfluencerSoft provides detailed reports and insights, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about your marketing campaigns. Overall, InfluencerSoft is a top choice for businesses looking for effective and affordable influencer marketing solutions.

InfluencerSoft Cons

When considering email marketing automation platforms, InfluencerSoft might not fit the bill for marketers looking for advanced automation features such as embedded CRM support, A/B testing tools, and optimized email deliverability. Compared to competitors like Klaviyo, InfluencerSoft lacks intuitiveness and requires a bit more effort navigating through its multiple menus to achieve basic tasks.

Moreover, while InfluencerSoft offers users the ability to create email sequences with ease, it does not have the same level of sophistication found in other platforms. Ultimately, for businesses looking to take their email marketing to the next level, InfluencerSoft may not be the ideal solution.

Create custom funnels in minutes or use proven funnel templates to rapidly launch products

Building a sales funnel can be a frustrating experience when you're unsure of what works and what doesn't. But with InfluencerSoft's funnel creator, the process becomes a breeze. You can create custom funnels in just a few minutes or choose from over 50 proven funnel templates, reducing the guesswork and hassle.

What's even better is how easy it is to use. With a drag-and-drop builder, you can easily customize your funnel to fit your business needs. And with so many pre-made options available, you have plenty of choices to find the perfect funnel for your product or service. Say goodbye to hours of frustration and hello to a streamlined and efficient funnel creation process with InfluencerSoft.

Use the learning management platform to change the world with your own courses

InfluencerSoft is a learning management platform that allows users to design and deliver customized online courses with sequential content delivery. With its advanced features, users can create professional-looking websites or sales pages with a drag-and-drop interface. The platform also allows users to create membership sites with free and paid trials, and recurring subscriptions.

With InfluencerSoft, you can turn your knowledge into a powerful tool and change the world with your own courses. Its learning management features make it easy to create courses with sequential content delivery, ensuring your students have access to the right material at the right time. The platform's design tools let you create a professional-looking website or sales page without any coding skills needed. And with the option to create membership sites, you can offer free and paid trials to attract new students, and recurring subscriptions to keep them engaged and motivated. All in all, InfluencerSoft is a great platform for anyone looking to share their knowledge and expertise with the world.

Set up all of your marketing processes quickly, from lead generation to payment and beyond

InfluencerSoft offers a comprehensive marketing automation solution that simplifies the process of setting up marketing processes from lead generation to payment and beyond. With InfluencerSoft's process mapping tool, users can easily plan out the sequence of actions they want to automate in their marketing funnel. This includes creating nurture touch points to keep prospects engaged and trigger email sequences that will continue to nurture them even when they are not actively engaging with the brand.

In addition, InfluencerSoft provides robust analytics and data that track the performance of marketing automations, allowing users to make tweaks and optimizations for even greater success. By taking advantage of InfluencerSoft's marketing automation, users can save time, increase engagement rates, and ultimately boost conversions. Whether you're looking to launch an affiliate program, deliver sequential content, or create custom funnels, InfluencerSoft's marketing automation tool is an essential solution for any business looking to streamline their marketing processes.

Manage all of your affiliate information in one place, including adding new affiliates and tracking payouts

Are you overwhelmed with managing your affiliate program? Look no further than InfluencerSoft's affiliate management dashboard. Our dashboard allows you to easily manage all of your affiliate information in one place, from adding new affiliates to tracking payouts.

With InfluencerSoft's affiliate management dashboard, you can set up your affiliate program with customizable rules, selecting the payment method that works best for you and entering the commission percentage for your affiliates. Additionally, you'll have access to promotional swipe copy to assist your affiliates in their marketing efforts.

Our dashboard offers a variety of functionalities to make managing your affiliate program effortless. Keep track of affiliate clicks, referrals, sales, commissions, and payout history all in one convenient location. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing your affiliate program and try InfluencerSoft's affiliate management dashboard today.

Trusted by thousands everyday to reach their goals

InfluencerSoft is a trusted platform by thousands of businesses every day to reach their goals. Its comprehensive range of features makes it stand out from the competition. With InfluencerSoft, businesses can build professional-looking websites, create effective sales funnels, gain valuable insights from campaign reports, and manage affiliates with ease.

Not only does InfluencerSoft provide all these features, but it also offers a range of tools and support to help businesses host successful online events. The team offers more than just technical support, but personal advice and guidance every step of the way. Many businesses have already successfully hosted webinars, online summits, and product launches using InfluencerSoft.

With website building, funnel creation, analytics, affiliate management, and online event hosting all in one platform, InfluencerSoft is the all-in-one solution for businesses looking to grow and reach their goals. Start using it today and discover how it can revolutionize your online presence and marketing efforts.

Pricing – Lifetime Deal – Pay Only Once

InfluencerSoft offers a lifetime deal called InfluencerSoft Starter Lifetime Subscription, which includes a range of essential features for businesses starting with online marketing. With this subscription, users get access to five funnels and can track up to 1,000 funnel events and visitors per month.

Additionally, the page builder feature allows users to create high-converting landing pages, and there are pre-designed funnel templates available to help users get started. The best part of the lifetime deal is that users get unlimited custom domains, and the deal price is a one-time payment of only $497. Plus, InfluencerSoft offers a 30-day credit back guarantee, making it a low-risk investment to try out the platform. With the InfluencerSoft Starter Lifetime Subscription, businesses get the right tools they need to grow their online presence.

InfluencerSoft Professional – Lifetime Subscription

Introducing the InfluencerSoft Professional – Lifetime Subscription! This incredible tool comes packed with features to make your marketing efforts a breeze. With 5 funnels, you can create powerful campaigns with ease. The drag and drop page builder makes it simple to create custom landing pages tailored to your audience. Plus, with pre-designed funnel templates, you can get your campaigns up and running fast.

Visual funnel analytics provide real-time data to monitor campaign performance and optimize your results. Best of all, the mobile-optimized landing pages ensure that your audience can access your content on any device. The InfluencerSoft Professional lifetime subscription gives you everything you need to build an amazing online presence, including integration with Stripe and PayU Latam for secure, convenient payment processing. Get your hands on it and start building professional-looking funnels today!

InfluencerSoft Infulencer – Lifetime Subscription

Introducing the InfluencerSoft Influencer – Lifetime Subscription, an all-in-one platform to effortlessly create unlimited funnels with over 1,000,000 tracked funnel events/visitors. With the drag and drop page builder, pre-designed funnel templates, and visual funnel analytics, users can create professional-looking websites with ease.

Creating mobile-optimized landing pages, upselling and downselling offers, offering memberships and courses – everything is made possible through the InfluencerSoft Influencer. Plus, with email marketing templates, lead list segmentation, and email automations, managing and nurturing leads has never been easier.

With InfluencerSoft Influencer, users can streamline their online business and take control of their digital marketing efforts. Start building your funnel today with the InfluencerSoft Influencer – Lifetime Subscription and measure your business growth.

InfluencerSoft vs Klaviyo

When it comes to comparing InfluencerSoft vs Klaviyo, there are some similarities and differences between the two platforms. Both tools offer robust features for Marketing Automation, including email sequences, mailing lists, and email automations. Additionally, both of these platforms provide integrations with Hyperise, enabling personalized image personalization for emails.

However, when it comes to pricing, InfluencerSoft offers a more affordable option in comparison to Klaviyo, which can be beneficial for small businesses or startups. Additionally, InfluencerSoft provides a versatile Affiliate Management Dashboard that makes it easier to manage affiliates and sales pipelines. On the other hand, Klaviyo offers advanced personalization options with its Hyperise integration, making emails more targeted and impactful.

In conclusion, InfluencerSoft is an excellent option for businesses looking for an affordable platform with versatile features and Affiliate Management. On the other hand, Klaviyo is ideal for those who require more advanced personalization options for their marketing campaigns. Ultimately, the choice between these platforms will depend on the specific needs of different types of businesses.

Features and Benefits of InfluencerSoft

InfluencerSoft is an all-in-one marketing automation platform that empowers businesses to manage all their marketing processes in one place. Its drag-and-drop builder allows users to create conversion-proven funnel templates and design custom funnels with ease. The process mapping tool helps visualize the entire marketing funnel and trigger email sequences based on your customers' behavior.

The platform also provides robust analytics with advanced reporting and insights to help users track the performance of their marketing campaigns in real-time. Besides, it comes with a versatile Affiliate Management Dashboard, which makes it easier to manage affiliates and sales pipelines. With the e-commerce checkout solution feature, users can collect payments and deliver digital products seamlessly.

The email marketing automation tool provides a range of advanced features like responsive payment, automatic payments, and one-click integration. Additionally, the learning management system creates online courses broken into module levels with sequential content delivery. The course can be arranged based on a sequence of actions, traffic channels, and traffic distribution with reliable split testing. The platform also offers campaign reports and custom branding for a professional-looking website.

In conclusion, InfluencerSoft is an easy-to-use, all-in-one marketing solution that offers drag-and-drop builder, affiliate management, email automation, and learning management system to manage the entire marketing lifecycle. It is perfect for small businesses and startups that want to save time and stress-free integrations.


Are you curious about InfluencerSoft's features and capabilities? Check our FAQ section to learn more.

Is all my data and system secure?

Is all my data and system secure with InfluencerSoft? Definitely. We take security seriously and understand the importance of keeping your information safe. Our platform is built to ensure that your data is secure and that your system is protected against cyber threats. We use cutting-edge security tools and follow industry best practices to give you peace of mind and confidence in our platform.

To protect data privacy and comply with GDPR regulations, we have implemented measures such as two-factor authentication and encryption. We regularly update our platform and work with reputable security experts to ensure that it remains secure. Our infrastructure and server resources are also designed to handle heavy system loads and deliver fast performance, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

When it comes to transferring data to the InfluencerSoft platform, we offer several options and provide transparency around associated fees. We support integrations with popular third-party tools and offer custom API integrations for more specific needs. Our team is always available to guide you through the process and ensure that your data is safely and securely transferred. Trust us to take care of your data and system security needs.

Do I have to pay for website hosting?

With InfluencerSoft, website hosting is included in the platform and there's no need to pay for it separately. You can create your own website without worrying about the added costs of website hosting. This feature alone provides significant savings and convenience for users.

Additionally, you can use your own domain name for your website. InfluencerSoft has an easy 3-step process to get your domain names set up in the system. Once set up, you can customize your website with a professional-looking URL. With the affordable cost and lifetime deal offered by InfluencerSoft, you get unlimited page views, unlimited custom domains, and up to 100,000 leads at a one-time price. All in all, InfluencerSoft is an all-in-one platform that takes care of website hosting and much more, all under the same roof.

Who owns the data / content / subscribers?

When you use InfluencerSoft, you retain all ownership and control of the data, content, and subscribers within your account. We do not have any permission to use your data or customer information in any way. All of the content created within our platform is 100% owned by you, meaning that you have full control over its use and distribution. Additionally, you have complete power over your affiliate program, including how affiliates are managed, how payments are processed, and how they can promote your products and services. At InfluencerSoft, we believe that ownership and control are essential for achieving your business goals, which is why we provide a platform that puts you in the driver's seat.

Can your system handle the load?

If you're worried about your website being able to handle heavy traffic, you can trust InfluencerSoft to keep things running smoothly. The company leases server space from a top European server company, with the infrastructure to scale as needed to accommodate traffic spikes.

In addition, InfluencerSoft conducts up-to-date tests to ensure fast load times, so visitors won't be left waiting for your site to load. For secure hosting, InfluencerSoft also has Cloudflare integrated into its system. With these measures in place, you can rest assured that your website will be able to handle the traffic it receives and give your visitors a seamless experience.

Is it easy to transfer all my systems and data over to InfluencerSoft?

Transferring your existing systems and data to InfluencerSoft can be a seamless process with the right plan in place. Depending on the amount of data you have, professional assistance may be required, but the outcome will be worth it.

To get started, you can contact the InfluencerSoft support team who can guide you through the process and provide you with a clear plan for transferring your systems and data. This process includes mapping out which systems and data need to be migrated and determining the appropriate data fields.

It's important to note that fees may apply depending on the amount of data and level of professional assistance required. However, with InfluencerSoft's team of experienced professionals, you can trust that your data will be securely transferred to their platform without any loss or corruption. Overall, transferring your systems and data to InfluencerSoft is a simple and straightforward process that can be easily accomplished with expert support.

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