Authority Hacker Review (July 2024) – What to expect in this course?

Authority Hacker

Imagine what it feels like to be able to have a money-making website that provides you with sustainable and growing income each and every month?

Is the Authority Site System the course that can teach people how to build authority websites even in 2021 and beyond?

That’s what we are about to find out in this Authority Hacker Review: TASS review and Authority Hacker PRO Review

Let's get started.

⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4 out of 5 stars

What is the Authority Site System?

In a nutshell, TASS is a complete, step-by-step system for building high quality authority websites monetized through affiliate marketing, advertising and other various methods of earning online.

What are Authority Websites BTW?

Just look at the acquisition for WireCutter by NYTimes in 2016 for $30 million. Wirecutter was valued that much because it was an Authority site in the technology industry.

That’s is just the top of the iceberg and what’s barely possible if you’ve built authority websites. 

Building authority niche websites are still untapped opportunities right now, and it’s bound to grow even bigger as more and more people stay at home and find more ways to build income online.

What's included in the Authority Site System?

You’re probably wondering about hundreds of questions right now. That’s ok. My goal here is to be able to share with you my actual experience on this course and share as much as I can about what you can expect.

Hopefully, my goal here is that you’ll able to make an informed decision if this course is for you or not.

Let’s get started with the first modules & lessons when you register for this course. 

reliminary Lessons

The goal in this module encompasses the entire mission of the Authority Site System model: To understand internet marketing and understand how the authority site model works. 

I highly recommend watching this introduction video if you are new to online marketing. 

Consistency & Expectations

Using the New Site Todo System

I love what these guys did here. This can help set the right expectations so that you can avoid any frustrations that comes with building an authority website.

Don’t worry about perfection. Consistency is key is to successfully completing your authority website.

Budgeting Your Site

The Authority Site Model

OK so in this module you will get a bigger overview of what makes the authority site model unique and what Internet marketing is all about.

What is an Authority Site

For me and authority website is something that provides a lot of value to a target audience. And for the purpose of the course, An authority site is something that is built as an asset, which you can sell or maintain clear on for years which can generate a significant income for yourself.

How Authority Sites Get Traffic

In this lesson, you‘ll learn how the authority sites are unique when it comes to generating traffic. Most of the strategies that you‘ll learn inside the course are free traffic generation methods which means that you don’t need to pay a single cent to drive people to your website which is great.

How Authority Sites Make Money

And now comes the fun part for building authority websites.

There are many ways that your authority website can make money. One of the most popular, and my favourite method of monetizing my website is by doing affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing 101

You might be wondering what affiliate marketing is all about and really it’s a way to earn commissions when someone purchases a product that you‘ve recommended.

SEO 101

Majority of the traffic that would be coming to your author would be coming from the search engines. And in this lesson, you‘ll learn the most basic principles when it comes to ranking new websites to the top of the search results.

Niche Research and Planning

Niches That Work Well

Not all niches are the same. There are obviously some profitable niches or markets that are perfect for the authority site model, but there’s also niches or markets that would perform worst. 

An example would be if you are running a meme or funny cats site. This is not a good niche for building an Authority website.

This training alone will save you from future headaches because you’ve chosen the wrong niche.

Brainstorming Niches

Getting Started with Market Research

I love doing market research because it saves me a lot of headaches and frustrations later on. 

What I love about their training on how to do market research is that they made it in waiver and it’s very detailed and very step-by-step and if your new beginner and you’re just doing this for the very first time it’s very hard to get confused or do don’t know what to do next because everything has been laid out in front of you.

Market Research – Big Sites

In this lesson The Authority hacker team talked about why it’s important to look at the big sites first and gutter like the big picture it in your particular industry or Niche or Market.

Market Research – Small Sites

In this lesson The Authority hacker team talked about why it’s important to look at your lower competitors as well and how to find golden nuggets by looking at this Mall website.

Market Research – Shortlisting

In this lesson, you’ll discover how to trim your list of niche ideas. It’s important that you pick one that you’ll like and with a long-term potential.

Market Research – Physical Products

It’s important that you find physical products sold in your targeted niche and industry. This lesson will show you how to do that.

Market Research – Info Products

Diversification for different ways to monetize your authority site is important. In this lesson, you’ll discover how to find out if your targeted niche has info products being sold.

Market Research – Advertising

Another monetization method is by showing ads. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to find competitors that are using this monetization method.

Market Research – Easy Keywords

This is ONE of the most important lessons in this module. You’ll learn how to pick the right keywords that are easy to rank in the search engines.

Market Research – Seasonality

In this lesson, you’ll discover which niches are seasonal and which aren’t.

Market Research – Easy Link Building

Another important lesson on market research. You’ll discover how to find out if your niche is easy for link building purposes.

Market Research – Making Your Final Niche Choice

Finally, you’ll want to wrap up all the information that you’ve collected in the previous researches. In this lesson, you’ll have the confidence to finally select the right niche for you. 

Planning Your V1 Site Structure

Before you start creating your blog and authority website, it’s important that you lay out the foundation and site structure properly. This lesson will teach you how to do that. It will include things like: Informational content, Commercial content, About me, Privacy policy pages and more.

Expanding Your Commercial Keyword List

Expanding Your Info Content Keyword List

Planning Your V1 Site Structure

Planning Your V1 Site Structure

Picking a Domain Name

WordPress and Hosting Setup

WordPress Basic Settings

Picking a WordPress Theme

Establishing a Basic Branding

Branding Your Theme

Analytics and SEO Setup

Misc Plugins Setup

Contact Page Setup

Privacy Policy Page Setup

About Page Setup

Home Page Building

Custom Category Pages Setup

Content Creation

Introduction To Content Templates

[Template] Roundup Review

[Template] Single Review

[Template] Info Content

Writing Your First Articles

Setting Up The Amazon Associates Program

Uploading and Publishing Content

Outsourcing Content Creation

Link Building


Guest Post Prospecting


Shotgun Skyscraper Setup

Shotgun Skyscraper Posting

Shotgun Skyscraper Initial Outreach & Followup

Outreach Templates

Negotiation and Link Placement

Streamlining Your Inbox

Tracking Your Links and Managing Data

The Next Year of Link Building

What is Authority Hacker PRO?

Authority Hacker PRO is the Premium training for building authority niche websites.

It’s one if not the best course/membership training of its kind where a lot of industry leaders behind the internet marketing industry learn from…

Tim Soulo of Ahrefs
Tung Tran of Cloud Living
Miles Beckler of
Thomas Smale of FE international
Steve Scott of Authority Pub

In the next few sections of this article, you’ll discover what you can inspect once you join Authority Hacker PRO.

400+ over the shoulder videos

There’s over 420+ over the shoulder video training (and more video content added weekly). 

That’s a lot of content and that means that there’s a little bit of information for any type of marketing information you need.

From building your first authority website to link building and for creating SOPs.

  • 60,000+ words
  • Copy and Paste Templates
  • SOP
  • Tools
  • Access to private FB group
  • Access to private FB group


Authority Hacker PRO is the Premium training for building authority niche websites.

It’s one if not the best course/membership training of its kind where a lot of industry leaders behind the internet marketing industry learn from…

Tim Soulo of Ahrefs
Tung Tran of Cloud Living
Miles Beckler of
Thomas Smale of FE international
Steve Scott of Authority Pub

In the next few sections of this article, you’ll discover what you can inspect once you join Authority Hacker PRO.

Editorial System Blueprints

Editorial System Blueprint

Imagine being able to add new content to your authority website on autopilot and like clockwork. That’s what you’re going to learn inside the Editorial System Blueprint.

Here’s an overview of the lessons inside this blueprint as part of your Authority Hacker PRO platinum membership.

Walkthrough and General Writing Guidelines

Creating an Asana Work Environment

Creating Tasks and Template Dependencies

Creating Your Own Templates and Forking

Day to Day Usage

Adding and Removing Staff

Assigning Tasks and Pinging Your Team

Writer Training, Creating and Submitting Your Drafts

How To Find The Content To Upload

Content Templates – List Post

This is one of the most important and my favorite type of content to create. Inside this course, you’ll discover the following:

  • What is a list post
  • When should you use list posts?
  • How many items should be in your list post?
  • Conversion goals for list post
  • Brainstorming a list post
  • Headline formulas for list post
  • Promotion tactics for list post

Content Templates – Single Review

This type of content that I absolutely love to use on my websites. Here’s what’s included inside this module.

  • What is a single review?
  • Conversion goals for Single reviews
  • Single review writer guideline
  • Brainstorming a single review
  • Headline formulas for single reviews
  • Promotion tactics for single reviews

Content Templates – Roundup Review

Round review is another type of content that is popular among bloggers. Here’s what’s included in the lessons inside these module.

  • What is a roundup review?
  • Conversion goals for roundup reviews
  • Roundup review writer guideline
  • Brainstorming a roundup review
  • Headline formulas for roundup review
  • Promotion tactics for roundup reviews

Content Templates – Alternatives

This is a great way to target a popular product and offer other alternatives (with your affiliate links) as another option to your readers.

  • What are Alternatives?
  • Conversion goals for alternatives
  • Alternatives writer guideline
  • Brainstorming alternatives
  • Headline formulas for Alternatives
  • Promotion tactics for Alternatives

Content Templates – VS Post

The goal for this type of content is to compare the top 2 competing products.

  • What is a VS Post?
  • Conversion goals for VS Posts
  • VS post writer guideline
  • Brainstorming a VS Post
  • Headline formulas for VS Posts
  • Promotion tactics for VS Posts

Content Templates – Questions Post

Just like the name implies, these are questions as a post and answers related to that question.

  • What is a Question Post?
  • Conversion goals for Question Posts
  • Question post writer guideline
  • Brainstorming a Question Post
  • Headline formulas for Question Posts
  • Promotion tactics for Question Posts

Content Templates – How To

One of the best content for doing link outreach and link building.

  • What is a How To Post?
  • Conversion goals for How To Posts
  • How To post writer guideline
  • Brainstorming a How To Post
  • Headline formulas for How To Posts
  • Promotion tactics for How To Posts

Content Templates – Industry Roundups

Industry Roundups is a great type of content that attract higher quality links with the Shotgun Skyscraper technique.

  • What are industry roundups?
  • Conversion goals for industry roundups
  • Industry roundups writer guideline
  • Brainstorming an industry roundup post
  • Promotion tactics for How To Posts

How To Build Your Content Team

Site Speed Blueprint

Growth Hacks Tips & Tricks

Keyword Research Blueprint

The goal of this blueprint is to find highly profitable keywords. 

There’s 22 over the shoulder video training that dives deep into Gael’s process of finding the most profitable keywords of your competitors and build a coherent content production queue.

Building Your Content Team Blueprint

The Guest Posting Blueprint

HARO Blueprint

Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint

Evergreen Funnel Blueprint

Creating Info Products Blueprint

Selling Your Site Blueprint

Lead Magnet Creation Blueprint

Giveaways Blueprint

Content Promotion Blueprint

Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Email Marketing Blueprint

Frequently Asked Questions

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